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Is ChatGPT really as good as it sounds?

Robots are taking over the world. Nah .... but you may be tempted to let them take over your marketing.

ChatGPT has been around for for a few months, and we have studied it, questioned and and used it. Shhh ... don't tell. But all of this still leaves us skeptical. Does automated text creation belong in your marketing? And if so, how should you use it?

This AI-powered chatbot generates responses that mimic a humans, making, it a valuable tool for natural language processing tasks. For example language translation, text summarization and dialogue generation are all great ways to use ChatGPT.

Although this may raise the content bar across the board, it is still based on algorithms meaning everyone's content will ultimately be similar. Organic content will always be more personal and you can count on social media favoring content that builds community and creates connections.

We do believe ChatGPT is going to change how people search, meaning strong keywords will become even more important on websites and ads.

Some creators see dollar signs thinking they can sell services and have AI do all of the work. That is not our plan. We have added ChatGPT as a TOOL to help kickstart content brainstorming more efficiently. AKA: Working smarter, not harder.

Although robots can do a lot, they don't have the ability to combine the creativity of our job with the right strategies. They cannot add emotion and connection. We are able to create content that is both engaging and effective in reaching our audience, which Instagram loves.

While some creators are fearful of applying this new technology, we are up for the challenge! Learning and adapting is part of the reason we love our job.



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